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Welcome To Our Home Page

We DJ Great Parties!
We use Pro Sound Gear, Special Effect's Lighting, and have Thousands of Songs to choose from. With 25 years in the music business we know what your guest will want to hear. Music selection at any event is the key, if you play what they want to hear, you will never have a problem.

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Hot wax DJ Productions has upgraded to the Voco Pro Karaoke Player, so now we want to let everyone know. Sing your favorite song like a Pro.

Call me @ 407-810-5805 Let's sing....

This is an outside small event for about 50 or 60 people. Cast Parties are fun because we know some of the people and we know little things about them, it helps to know what a crowd likes and how to steer away from what they don't. When the event is for people in the Entertainment Business it's much harder to please them. We started out small but have come a long way. This is before we upgraded our new CD Players.

Booking :

If you have any booking questions or would like to look at our dates please go to our Booking Page. If you have booked with us we will add any info you need to our site.

You can also see a sample of our Wedding Order Of Events page

If your event is not a wedding we have a different sheets for these events. We can send you a copy.

Here is one referral for you to view. Thank you Angie!


Drummer for Stroke of Midnight and Gator

Dance, Dance !!!!!

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