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Kenny is a friend of mine and he just won an event on the west coast a few weeks ago... show him some love...

Kenny Steinke Video

Phone: 407-953-6798

Stroke of Midnight
 Dave Bennage
Dave is a bud of mine from way back! Kidridlyn is his band, check out his site also. We started Lyre, One and played as Private Property for a while.
Dave, Tom, Alex and Terry 

EMANON Dan & Dana

EMANON, yes that's No Name spelled backwards. Dan & Dana are good people.
Good Luck Guy's

The Gator Band

The Gator Band was a very low rated band at the time but, looking back we were pretty good.
They all have special meaning to us. Trans Am Dan isn't in this pic but we still remember.

More Pic's to come very soon.

P H O N E : 4 0 7 - 8 1 0 - 8 5 8 0 5